Generations of Memories Since 1946

Northwoods Lodge

Enjoy the pristine and untouched wilderness setting of Northeastern Ontario!

Escape the demands of your day-to-day and enjoy Onaping Lake at the Northwoods Lodge. We’re a full amenity housekeeping lodge hosting anglers, adventure seekers, and their families for over 75 years. Whether you’re looking to land a big one or simply looking for some time to unwind and enjoy the lake life, we have a cabin for you at the Northwoods Lodge.

Long-term rentals are available

Consistently high guest satisfaction since 1946

Approved by generations of returning families and friends.

The perfect place to stay

Northwoods Lodge

Species of fish
km fishing territory
Kms of shoreline
Everything you need for a comfortable stay

Featured Facilities

Boat Packages

We fish with Lund boats with mercury outboard motors. Fuel is also available.

Satellite TV Options

Three of our cottages are outfitted with satellite TV for rainy days on the lake.

Laundry & Sauna Facilities

Guests have access to central laundry and sauna facilities for your stay at the Lodge.

Fully Stocked Kitchen

Our kitchen are fully stocked including cutlery, cooking utensils, and coffee facilities.

Set your own pace with leisure or adventure!

Life at the Lodge


Sport and amateur anglers enjoy diverse settings and species so there are always options for all seasons, weather, and fishing conditions.


Enjoy lake life on the leisure dock, sauna, paddling activities, lounging, blueberry picking, and access to biking, hiking, and golf as well.


Our seasonal hunting guests enjoy the Northern Ontario bounty of Area 39 including small game, black bear, and moose

Choose from a wide range of rooms


Explore amazing and beautiful places

Places of Interest


Lower Onaping Lake, Cartier, ON

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